Life costs more if you are disabled. Research by the disability charity Scope (2014) estimates that on average, disabled people spend £550 a month as a consequence of their disability although nearly a fifth pay over £800 and tenth pay £1000.  These extra costs arise from disability-related expenditure, including higher heating bills, buying specialised equipment, paying for taxis to get around or covering higher insurance premiums.

Cabinet Office statistics (source) show that disabled people have fewer qaulifications, are less likely to be in work and less likely to be in full time work. It is also known that disabled people have on average £108,000 fewer savings and assets than non-disabled people. A. McKnight , London School of Economics (2014).

These higher living costs, reduced employment and lower financial reserves often combine so that disabled people are more likely to live in poverty and are more likely to suffer poor mental health as a result.



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